Mathieson Ltd Hire Equipment

Mathieson's provide a wide range of hire equipment throughout the UK.

We rent and lease welders, welding positioners, weld positioning equipment, welding-related equipment, and electric power generators - anywhere in the world.

Our range of rental welding equipment includes stick welders; MIG, pulsed-MIG and flux-cored welders; TIG and pulsed-TIG welders; multi-process welders and power sources; multi-operator welders and DC converters; subarc welders; gas, LPG, and diesel engine driven welders; semiautomatic and automatic MIG wire feeders; submerged arc wire feeders; advanced process welders including STT welders; automatic girth (AGW) welders; vertical up (VUP) welders; stud welders; plasma cutters; welding fume smoke extractors; air carbon arc gouging equipment; welding electrode and flux holding ovens; and other welding-related specialty products such as pipe bevelers and induction heating equipment. Our rental and lease weld positioner offering includes pipe welding positioners; welding head manipulators; rotating tank turning rolls; head and tailstocks positioners; rotating floor turntables; and other specialty pipe prep products.

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