Lorch from Mathieson Ltd

Mathieson Ltd are Scotland's main provider of Lorch welding equipment. For more information about these services please do not hesitate to contact us today.

SpeedPulse Up to 48% faster

The key to higher speed is to increase the filler wire burn off performance. Until now, one pulse has always been one droplet. However, our process specialists found ways of enlarging this drop, thus permitting a controlled, almost constant metal flow into the weldpool. The leading droplet, which is pulsed, is always then followed by a second, controlled metal transition in spray arc form. This “gain” of material clearly shows its effect: more speed. Immediately faster when used for manual welding and outstanding in automation. 30 % faster with stainless steel and up to 48 % with steel. Always giving best quality traditionally associated with pulse and remarkably easier to use for the operator.

Speed Arc For maximum MIG-MAG performance: Up to 30 % faster

The SpeedArc is considerably more focused. It has a much higher energy density thus reaching greater arc pressure into to the weld pool. The result is impressive as it makes MIG-MAG welding up to 30 % faster.

Even 15 mm in just one layer become possible

The SpeedArc is MIG-MAG-Max. But not only its speed makes it more productive. There is also the fact that components which had to be welded in several passes before, can now - due to the Lorch SpeedArc - be joined in one single pass, up to 15 mm thick. This is productivity that pays off; this is value added welding. How the whole process works is and remains a secret of our engineers here in Auenwald, but you can be sure that it can save you a lot of money and help to get a lot of your delivery dates under control.

SpeedArc higher quality

With SpeedArc, penetration into the parent material is visibly better compared to ordinary MIG-MAG units.

SpeedUp Vertical-up welding? Was difficult in the past.

SpeedUp speeds up.

The perfect vertical-up welding seam was an “award“. The necessary triangle or Christmas tree movement of the hand was a technique only mastered by experts. The material must not be too cold; the root must be good and achieved with care. With a certain reverence, these men were called Christmas tree welders, because there was no other possibility to weld vertically upwards. However, this technique was almost as slow as a tree itself grows, and deadline pressure often was an own goal. So it was logical that some of our engineers searched for a simplification. They have found it. The honor is now ours.