Postle from Mathieson Ltd

Mathieson Ltd are the only UK provider for Postle Hardfacing Technology. For more information about these services please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Postle Hardface Technologies

Postle Industries, the leading innovator in the use of small diameter hardfacing wire, offers a complete range of cored welding wires and electrodes to meet almost any hardfacing or repair requirement - repairing, rebuilding and restoring damaged equipment back to working condition, or hard surfacing critical parts and equipment to protect them against wear caused by abrasion, impact, erosion, cavitation or metal-to-metal friction.

Products include high hardness complex carbides, abrasion resistant chromium and tungsten carbides, tough impact resistant manganese steel, high alloy tool steels, heat and corrosion resistant cobalt and nickel base alloys and medium chrome martensitic overlays.

While we offer all wire sizes from .045” (1.2mm) through 7/64” (2.8mm) and many grades and sizes of hardfacing electrodes, .045” (1.2mm) cored wire is our most popular type. Postalloy .045” (1.2mm) small diameter welding wires offer several advantages over large diameter flux cored welding wires and significant savings over flux coated welding electrodes. They are characterized by terrific welder appeal, smooth arc characteristics, low smoke volume and low heat input, plus easy out-of-position weldability.

As compared to other hardfacing methods and larger size wires, Postalloy small diameter wires provide a more comfortable workplace. Use of lower amperages, lower smoke volume and greater visibility all contribute to better working conditions.

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